•  Is your Child lacking concentraton in studies?
  •  Not focused on doing Home work?
  •  Has fear of examinations?
  •  Has discipline issues?

Register in MID-BRAIN Activation Gym Workshop and Let your child discover His/Her True Potential.
Become the Parent you always wanted to be while helping your children feel Capable, Confident and Competent.


  •  Improves Creativity and Imagination
  •  Enhance Concentration
  •  Improves Memory
  •  Improve Reading and Writing Speed
  •  Enhance Absorption Capabilities
  •  Enhance Self-Confidence
  •  Emotional Stability
  •  Enhance Focus and Creativity
  •  Left and Right Brain Balancing

Followed by a session on Effective Parenting.

March 18th & 19th 2016
From 8:00am to 2:00pm
Golden Tulip Hotel, Buhaira Corniche,
Fardan Centre, Sharjah

Limited Seats (Max 30 Children per group)

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To reserve your seats please call
+971 (6) 554 52 53

For more information and bookings, contact:
+971 501 775 109 / +971 504 213 845