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Career Counselling

Choosing which university to apply is a daunting process for students and their parents, considering the demanding commitment of time and money. Choosing Prime Education Centre’s counselling services for assistance in this regard and alleviate the stress. We have all the information and tools to ensure that the student gets into the institution he/she is looking for.
We are experts in the knowledge of University Rankings by Grading, Courses Offered, QS Ratings and Regional Ratings.
This not only allows the student to shortlist options but also points out the strong points of each university. This knowledge is critical if the student is aiming to study at the most competitive institutions globally.

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The universities are ranked on the following 8 key areas:

We Counsel on a Personal Level

We also consider the students personality, passion, ambitions and distinctive traits before thinking of the university and the field of study. This helps us counsel the students and their parents in the best interest of the child’s future. In addition, we are familiar with the locations of the universities and colleges; thereby offering valuable insight into the climatic, linguistic, social and cultural similarities and differences that aid in determining whether the university is well suited as a choice for the student’s future.

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