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Prime Education Centre Robotics & Coding Program

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Robotics and Coding Program

Let your child create something truly incredible by combining science, mathematics, engineering and technology.

Prime Education Centre x SPIKE PRIME by LEGO Education

Prime Education Center and the LEGO led robotics & coding course motivates children to think critically, analyse facts, and solve complicated issues with real-world significance regardless of their level of learning, in a fun and interactive way.
So, how will your little inventors and engineers build their own robots?
Children will use their own imagination and innovations.
Detailed instructions provided in every class that will enable your child to follow along and construct a particular robot design with multiple combinations.
Your child will receive a thorough understanding of programming, how it affects our world, and the development of critical thinking and problem-solving abilities that will be useful to them even if they don’t grow up to pursue a career in STEM.
Prime Education Centre Robotics & Coding Program With Spike Lego Kit

Why should kids attend the Robotics & Coding Course?

Hands on, narrative and investigative learning

This playful, narrative-based learning experience encourages students to investigate STEAM concepts (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art & Mathematics).

In-app & classroom support

In-app support that is designed to be taught and works together with the classes that will be conducted. 

Learning based on Scratch and structured STEAM modules

The Lego Education Spike Training Course combines LEGO blocks, a programmable multi-port Hub, coding based on Scratch, and structured STEAM learning modules. Engages students in hands-on investigation of STEAM concepts while contributing towards learning, math, and social-emotional development.

Classes conducted by credible experts

With Prime Education Centre, every class is carefully conducted by experts with methods that are proven to give results.

Positions children for future success

This course is a terrific method to help children gain confidence, develop their STEAM foundation, and position them for success in their future careers.

Prime Education Centre Robotics & Coding Program Learning And Structure

That’s not all!

The LEGO® Education SPIKE also helps your child develop:
  • A creative and analytical mindset
  • The desire to invent & innovate new things
  • An aptitude for solving problems
  • An understanding of engineering mechanics and new technologies
Give your children the academic and professional skills today that will prepare them for tomorrow.
Prime Education Centre Benefits Of Robotics & Coding Program
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