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Prime Education Centre Academic Skills Development

Academic Skills Development Program

At PEC, we offer core counselling and management of learning skills to students in all subjects.

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Academic Skills Development Courses have been specifically designed to equip students with the necessary skills for ongoing academic success. It includes a number of targeted courses that students can choose from, depending on which subject they need to improve in. 

We know that students invest significant time and effort in their studies, but all too often many struggle to obtain the results that reflect their commitment and potential. We believe that given the right teaching, guidance and support, EVERY student can excel in their studies.

The Program

Learning Skills will teach the child how to study effectively and spend less time studying. Students learn how to do time management, develop homework strategies and techniques to improve reading and memory for schoolwork.
English Skills will teach the child how to communicate and write powerful and persuasive essays for school. The child will learn how to create great essays using a structure that can be adapted to any subject.
Maths and Science: Recommended for students looking to revise and practice Maths and Science concepts and strategies. Our courses will help fill in any gaps in knowledge, reinforce learning and understanding and boost the child’s confidence. The child will receive support and feedback on their work from a qualified and trained teacher.
This program will boost the child’s results, maximise concentration level and school performance.
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