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Four benefits of mid-brain activation/mind mastery workshop for children(non-medical)

Our brain is the most fascinating and complex organ of the body. It is responsible for every thought, emotion, experience, and numerous body functions. Brain development is one of the most crucial processes until the age of five. Various research studies have proven that midbrain activation training helps brain development and improves concentration in kids. Today, we will tell you about the midbrain training exercises and their benefits in children.

Human Midbrain

The midbrain is located at the base of the brain and connects other major parts of the brain. It controls some of the crucial body functions like temperature regulation, vision, eye movements, hearing, sleep cycles, breathing, motor control, and reflexes. The midbrain acts as a bridge between the left and the right hemisphere of the brain. Midbrain training helps in simultaneous use of both the brain hemispheres instead of being dominated by one. You can now register your children of up to 14 years for Mid-Brain Activation Gym/Mind Mastery Workshop at Prime Education Center (PEC).

Midbrain Activation/Mind Mastery Benefits

As parents, it is essential to involve your kids in activities that boost their memory power, intuition, concentration, mental health, etc. The benefits of midbrain training include:

  • Improves creativity, self-confidence, alertness, and boldness
    Teach and involve your kids in activities like jigsaw puzzles, chess, simple crosswords, drawing, painting, and yoga. The games require children to imagine, understand, and solve the given tasks. Simple yoga exercises also improve body motor coordination.
  • Enhances mental and emotional stability
    Introduce your kids to the new musical instruments, dancing, and sports activities. They help in improving body reflexes and maintaining emotional stability. Let your kids know a healthy way to cope with their emotions and maintain good mental health.
  • Improves concentration power and memory retention
    Engaging your kids in video games, card games, sudoku, puzzles, and reading helps them concentrate more and understand the task at hand. Frequent practicing improves their memory retention and knowledge grasping skills.
  • Enhances reading, writing, and problem-solving skills
    Introducing children to storybooks and comics at a young age enhances their vocabulary, imagination, and creativity. Kids can absorb new knowledge faster and preserve it in their core memory. Reading can activate both the creative side and the analytical side of the brain.
    Apart from the activities mentioned here, numerous others are available depending upon the age group. Scientific studies and research also state that hydration, regular exercises, and meditation are vital for brain development. Brain-enhancing activities are vital for the development of the midbrain at a young age. In addition, mid-brain activation is a completely safe and non-medical procedure.
    The healthy practices of the midbrain exercises help shape the teenage years and adulthood. If you feel your child is a slow learner, consult a child psychologist and discuss the midbrain activation training for the overall brain development process. At Mid-Brain Activation Gym/Mind Mastery Workshop, allow your child to discover their hidden potential. The workshop will be also followed by effective parenting to clear any doubts that might arise.