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7 tips to learn English effectively – Prime Education Centre

Are you a beginner at learning English? Learning a new language can be challenging. English is the official language understood globally in major educational institutes and workplaces. It is the medium of communication between intercultural communities. Knowing how to talk, understand, read, and write English is crucial in today’s world. We bring forth a few tips to help you learn the language better and avoid miscommunications.

1. Practice speaking the language

“Practice makes perfect,” as the saying goes. Don’t let any opportunity to practice the English language pass you by. The only way to master a language is to practice it, and you should utilize English whenever possible. You can’t learn to drive without first getting behind the wheel! Similarly, you can’t learn English without speaking and practicing it. Dedicate fixed time every day to English — whether to read, listen to English albums, podcasts, or write. Practicing will improve your accent, tone, and vocabulary. You will understand the language better if you rely on multiple sources to improve it.

2. Write as much as you can

It is best to start by maintaining a journal in English. You can write about your daily activities, short stories, express your thoughts and imagination in words, or even song lyrics. It will help you remember the spelling and avoid mistakes while writing. You can even copy a paragraph from a book or magazine. It will help you enhance your writing skills, speed, and handwriting.

Readout loud

When reading out loud, make sure that you enunciate the words and read out loud so that you listen to yourself. This will help you enhance your pronunciation during conversations. You can begin by reading children’s novels or comics. This will help you get a grasp of English in an easier and more understandable context.

4. Keep a dictionary handy

In the beginning, you may face difficulty understanding the words while reading books or listening to podcasts and songs. Always keep a reliable dictionary handy. Look up the word and understand its meaning, synonyms, and antonyms. This way, you can use the words when required and expand your vocabulary.

5. Make use of technology

The internet is filled with study materials and resources from well-recognized education sites. You are just a click away from learning and gaining all the knowledge. Watch English movies, listen to the characters speak, read e-books, lyrics, and articles to boost your language skills. With a constant routine, you will express yourself in English effortlessly.

6. Watch movies with subtitles

Everyone enjoys watching movies. Watching movies with subtitles or movies you’ve already seen in your original tongue in English is a terrific option. Alternatively, choose your favorite TV show and re-watch it in English! Use the internet to look up topics that interest you, such as hobbies or topics connected to your trade or work. It’s easier to grasp when you watch or read something you’re familiar with.

7. Maintain consistency and accountability.

This is more of a goal-setting suggestion than an English-learning suggestion. The truth is that sticking to a goal and completing it is more likely if you do it consistently and with some type of accountability. If you can only devote 15 minutes per day to English study, but you do it every day, you’ll probably get better results than if you try to study for three hours in one sitting.
English is an officially used language in the corporate world and educational universities. Overcoming the language barrier can help you interact freely, make new friends, and be confident at every professional and social gathering.
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